Friday, December 14, 2012

What does your creditcard mean to you?

We all have things to do in this life and like Oprah we have our most favorite things. On of my favorite things are creditcards. It's not the card in general. It's what it means. Credit is power and the fact that you have credit is powerful. I'm not taking about these creditcards that are just money holders. You  know the kind. The prepaid visa versions of creditcards. I'm my mind they don't really count. Those kind of cards say that your credit is jacked up and you need this to get by one.

Anyway, back to what creditcards mean. Come on, you know the power of throwing down a Blackcard and saying everythings on me. It's the best feeling and I know you share in that. Creditcards to me means power and the more power the better. I'm thirsty like that. This blog will talk about creditcards as well as other things as my brain sees fit. Stay tuned and learn to love.

The Samster

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